A remote usability testing was conducted using a high-fidelity prototype design on Figma. The reason for this test was to examine the flow of design, ease of navigation, and the extent to which design reflects the values of the brand. This test also tries to view and understand users' pain points, goals, and recommendations to solve how users join (newly added feature) a Nike Run Club team.

Research Plan

The test was conducted with five participants via remote video calls. The Otter AI application was used to transcribe the dialogue live to pick out keywords used to analyze and compare with other participants.

Usability Test Observation Sheet

This feedback made it easy to identify commonalities and made it possible to implement some improvements. Each participant was given were given a few tasks to complete.

Task 1: How would you find all available Nike Run Teams?

Task 2: Can you show me how you find local Nike Teams?

Task 3: You want to join a local Nike Team called “The West”. Can you show me how you would do that?

Task 4: You want to see the challenges from “The West” Team. Can you show me how you would do that?

Overall Findings from the Usability Testing

Summary of Findings

According to the data and the results of the usability testing, the prototype was a success. Overall the participants were able to complete the tasks in a timely manner and enjoyed the flow of the site, design, and navigation.

The testing also helped identify potential design changes that can be improved on for better user experience based on the feedback and observations: